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Let's Get To Packing!

With summer in this Gulf Coast Texas town in full swing and a wide variety of activities to participate in, we want to help you pack for your upcoming Baytown vacation or weekend trip! Here is a list of things you don't want to forget.

1) Bathing Suit

Number 1 on the list of things to pack has to be a bathing suit or swim trunks for water fun. Summer is the perfect time to hit up Pirates Bay Waterpark, Calypso Cove, or splash pads located at a variety of parks. Baytown also offers "on the water" activities in the saltwater bays surrounding the city.

2) Umbrella

Yes, the weather can be tricky with afternoon sea breeze storms popping up on occasion, so we recommend packing a small umbrella. The storms rarely last more than 30 minutes or so, but the downpours can be quite heavy. Also, the umbrella makes for an excellent photo prop at Baytown’s Umbrella Alley!

3) Fanny Pack

Yep, fanny packs are back and we recommend you stuff this one with travel-sized mosquito spray, chap stick, a phone, keys, a small snack or 2 and then hit the Baytown trails (Goose Creek Trail, Baytown Nature Center Trails, and Jenkins Park Trails)! Backpacks can be bulky and sweaty in the Baytown heat/humidity, so travel light for your hike.

4) Heat Protection

We are lumping the next items into one big category, because we want you to stay safe from the heat this summer! Heat protection includes sunscreen, sun glasses, hat, and water. Whether you are boating, hanging at the races, strolling a Texas Avenue event, or visiting the waterpark, you will need these items to help you beat the heat.

5) Cardigan or Pull Over

Here in Texas we believe in air conditioning…A LOT! We recommend you keep a lightweight long-sleeved shirt in your vehicle for when a local eatery or indoor activity gets a little drafty. Some fun indoor Baytown locations include the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center, Art League of Baytown, and AR’s Entertainment Hub.

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