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Baytown Sculpture Trail

Walking down Texas Avenue has been transformed into the latest art display in Baytown. The Sculpture Trail is a mix of 25 unique statues, featuring artists from across the country and Canada, who drove thousands of miles to bring their artwork to Town Square.

Visitors may take a self-guided tour of the sculptures year round. This is a free, outdoor exhibit. The current sculptures are on display until April of 2024 when new pieces will take their spot. 

More Baytown Art

Click any of the photos or titles below for directions to each location!
If you are completing the Art-Venture Adventure Lab. Your code is located in the Mini Mural section of the art listed below. #BaytownArtVenture

The Art Gallery building, home to the Art League of Baytown, features the largest mural we currently have in Baytown. This mural wraps from the front of the building and down the west wall. The artist used a trompe l’oeil painting style, which is French for “deceive the eye”. This mural takes a flat wall and makes it seem as if you are looking right into an art gallery! Other portions of the mural feature Art Deco style flares that reflect the original architecture of the building.

Baytown Art League Mural.jpg

Cruisin W Texas Avenue Mural

The “Cruisin W Texas Avenue” mural is painted on the side of Bay Area Auto Gallery which is near Baytown’s historic oak tree that still stands in the middle of Texas Avenue today.  This mural was painted by Armando Castelan and is a blast to the past that features classic cars and noteworthy Baytown icons like the Brunson Theater and Fred Hartman Bridge. 

Baytown Cruisin W Texas Avenue.jpg

Promise Center Mural

This mural is located on the side of the Promise Center of Baytown (2609 Market Street), and emphasizes their dedication to education, diversity, and a promise of the future of the youth in Baytown. Jessica Rice roughed a hurricane and sweltering summer heat to bring this mural to life.

Completed 3.jpg

This 15-foot tall sculpture of General Sam Houston was created by legendary artist David Adickes. Located in the roundabout that circles between San Jacinto Blvd. and Hunt Rd., this statue is stunning both during the day and when lit up at night.


BNC Wood Carving Sculptures

The most notable of the Baytown Nature Center wood carving sculptures is the tree carving of the boy fishing near the park pavilion. Artist Jimmy Phillips created this sculpture and several totem poles around the BNC.

BNC Fishing 2.JPG

Upside Down Mini Mural

Located on the northeast corner of the intersection of N. Main and Massey Tompkins Rd is “Upside Down” by Molly Barr with Freely Focused Photography.  This colorful cabinet is a photo taken at the Umbrella Alley.


Awaiting Adoption Mini Mural

Located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Sterling & Decker is the library themed pencil drawing design completed by Karen Knight. 

If you are currently at this mural for the Art-Venture Lab, your code word/phrase is "Love Where You Live".


Located at Rollingbrook & Emmett Hutto is the “Everything is Pawsome” graphic art and trails map by Sheree Cardwell.


Golden Bales Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of Ferry Rd & 146 is the “Golden Bales” photo by Molly Barr with Freely Focused Photography.


Succulents Mini Mural

Located at Massey Tompkins & Barkaloo Rd. is the “Succulents” photo by Randi Turman with Sweet Clicks Photography.


2nd Piece Mini Mural

Located at the corner of Cedar Bayou Lynchburg & N. Main is “2nd Piece” a painting by Lanre Buraimoh. 


Art League Painted Windows

Art League members came together to recreate some famous paintings to place as window placards. Water Lilies by Monet, Mona Lisa by Leonardo D Vinci, self portrait of Frida Kahlo are just a few of the magnificent pieces that make up this window art. 

Window Art Partial Picture.jpg

Solitary Journey Mural

Baytown's first mural is located on the back corner of the Sterling Municipal Library and depicts a large bookcase and Baytown themed snow globe.  Solitary Journey was painted by Houston area artist Armando Castelan and contains a geocaching trackable code hidden in the artwork.

Baytown Solitary Journey.jpg

Alligator Box Mural

The Alligator Connex is a combination of beautification and innovation.  Located at the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Education and Recreation Center, this mural was created by muralist, Armando Castelan to commemorate the Wetlands Center's 20th anniversary.

Wetlands Mural 1.jpg

Blue Heron Sculpture

Upon enter the Baytown Nature Center, you are greeted by a pair of blue herons standing tall in reedy cattails overlooking a lily padded pond. This is the first of several sculptures inside the BNC.


Ashbel Smith Sculpture

Erected in the Republic of Texas plaza is a 27-inch by 42-inch statue of  Ashbel Smith, a prominent figure in Baytown history. At the base of the statue is information about Ashbel Smith's accomplishments during the Texas Revolution and in Baytown.

Republic of Texas Plaza.jpg

Outta Season Mini Mural

Located on the northwest corner of the intersection at Barkaloo Rd and Blue Heron Pkwy is “Outa Season” by Steve Knight with Steve Knight Photography. 


Baytown’s Summer Sunset Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of Garth & I-10 is “Baytown's Summer Sunset” a photograph by Sheree Cardwell depicting the Fred Hartman Bridge at sunset as seen from the Bayland Marina.


Alone Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of 1.        Missouri Street & 146 is the photograph "Alone" by Molly Barr with Freely Focused Photography.


Splash of Color Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of Alexander & Texas Avenue is the “Splash of Color” digital art mini mural by Sheree Cardwell.


Joyfully Renewed Mini Mural

Located at the intersection Cedar Bayou Lynchburg & Garth Rd.  is the “Joyfully Renewed” photo by Sabrina Martin depicting smashed paint cans on a brick wall.


Downtown Arts District Mural

This colorful Downtown Arts District mural showcases the recently renamed Texas Avenue area. The mural was painted by Houston area artist Armando Castelan.

Downtown Arts District Mural

Howdy Mural

This bright and colorful flower mural is located at the Del Mont Properties at 123 West Defee Street in the Downtown Arts District. This is the first mural to include the “glitch” florals that the muralist Tyler Kay is known for on canvas.


Boundless Knowledge Sculpture

The Boundless Knowledge sculpture, created by artist Deedee Morrison, stands as a landmark in tribute to the Sterling Municipal Library’s 50-year anniversary. 

Front of Sterling Municipal Library Phot

Butterfly Garden Sculpture

Sitting in the middle of the Baytown Nature Center Butterfly Garden and overlooking Crystal Bay is the bronze statue of a girl seated on a rock pedestal with arms raised in the air.

BNC Butterfly Garden profile pic.jpg

Running Cabinet Mini Mural

This is was the first of Baytown's mini mural traffic cabinets.  All of the cabinet are created with artwork digitally submitted by Baytown and Texas artists and then printed to vinyl wraps and placed on the cabinets. This cabinet is located at the corner of Emmett Hutto and Baker Road as was created by local artist Sheree Cardwell.

Front & Side 2 turned.jpg

Another Day, Another Flower Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of Baker Rd & Garth Rd is Another Day, Another Flower by Molly Barr with Freely Focused Photography


1st Piece Mini Mural

Located at the corner of Massey Tompkins & Raccoon is “1st Piece” a painting by Lanre Buraimoh. 


Chelsea Peppers Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of James Bowie & Alexander is the “Chelsea Peppers" by Steve Knight with Steve Knight Photography


Pretty in Pink Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of Bayway & Baker is the “Pretty in Pink” photo by Larry Armer.


Fishing for Color Mini Mural

Located at the intersection of Rollingbrook & Garth Rd is the “Fishing for Color” photo by Steve Knight.


Go On An Art Scavenger Hunt

with the Baytown Art-Venture!

Welcome to Baytown’s Art-Venture Adventure Lab! This is just the beginning of our newly created Public Art scene that is filled with murals, sculptures, and more. In this Geocaching Adventure, you’ll visit 9 public art locations and learn about our “love where you live” mantra that we like to show our visitors here in Baytown. Most of our art has an unique history that you’ll get a chance to learn about as you explore each location.


To play you will need to go to download the "Adventure Lab" mobile app in the Google Play or Apple store, find "Baytown's Art-Venture Lab", visit each of the listed locations, read the location history, and complete the puzzle for each location to discover the code. All of our locations provide great photography opportunities, and are ideally better visited during the day.


Have fun and please share your Baytown Art-Venture photos to social media with the hashtag #BaytownArtVenture

Earn this amazing water bottle when

you complete the Art-Venture!

1 bottle per household.

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