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Let's have an Art-Venture together!

Welcome to Baytown’s Art-Venture Adventure Lab! This is just the beginning of our newly created Public Art scene that is filled with murals, sculptures, and more. 

In this Geocaching Adventure, you’ll visit 9 public art locations and learn about our “love where you live” mantra that we like to show our visitors here in Baytown. Most of our art has an unique history that you’ll get a chance to learn about as you explore each location. 

To play you will need to go to download the "Adventure Lab" mobile app in the
Google Play or Apple store, find "Baytown's Art-Venture Lab", visit each of the listed locations, read the location history, and complete the puzzle for each location to discover the code. All of our locations provide great photography opportunities, and are ideally better visited during the day. 

Have fun and please share your Baytown Art-Venture photos to social media with the hashtag

Earn this amazing water bottle when

you complete the Art-Venture!

1 bottle per household.



Art Alley_mural.jpg

Mini Mural
Traffic Cabinets

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