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Explore the Downtown Arts District

Texas Avenue is a cultural treasure trove, featuring a variety of attractions where creativity flourishes, and each corner tells a unique story. Whether you're drawn to sculptures, murals, live theater, or visual arts, Texas Avenue offers a diverse and engaging experience.


Street Mural in the Downtown Arts District

Baytown Little Theater: A Stage for Live Entertainment

Step into the Baytown Little Theater, an intimate venue that hosts a variety of live performances. From classic plays to contemporary dramas, this space brings stories to life. Additionally, when the temps rise during the summer, the Baytown Little Theater heats up the stage with their annual summer musical hosted in the Lee College Performing Arts Center. 

Performance at the Baytown Little Theater

 Art League of Baytown: Nurturing Local Talent

The Art League of Baytown is a hub where local artists can showcase their amazing artistic creativity. With exhibitions and interactive workshops year-round, the Art League fosters a community of creativity and accessibility.

Mural outside of the Art League of Baytown

Baytown Sculpture Trail: Artful Ambiance

Take a leisurely stroll along the Baytown Sculpture Trail, an outdoor gallery that transforms city streets into a captivating display of 25 sculptures. Each piece tells a unique story, offering an opportunity to connect with the artists' perspectives while enjoying the Downtown Arts District’s open-air surroundings. The sculpture exhibit changes annually in April.

Baytown Sculpture Trail at the Town Square


Lee College Performing Arts Center and Art Gallery: Where Arts Converge

The Lee College Performing Arts Center and Art Gallery serves as a cultural center that beautifully merges the performing and visual arts. Attend a compelling theater performance in the 700-seat modern theater or intimate Black Box Theater. Explore the art gallery, featuring exhibits that celebrate the talents of local students, Lee College faculty, and international artists alike. Finally, the Baytown Symphony Orchestra calls the center its home, hosting various musical performances year-round.

Baytown Symphony Orchestra at the Lee College Performing Arts Center


Walkable Murals: Brushstrokes of Baytown

On your stroll down Texas Avenue, don’t forget to snap a photo with the various murals that dot the buildings and street. The Art League of Baytown sets the stage with painted windows showcasing iconic masterpieces like Monet's Water Lilies and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, transforming ordinary windows into captivating canvases. On the front side of the building, you will find a large trompe l’oeil style mural that makes the viewer feel as though they are peering into the art gallery. A little further down Texas Avenue, the Art Alley beckons with its 13 vibrant murals that bring the alley walls to life. On the backside of the alley, is the Howdy Mural, a burst of color at Del Mont Properties, featuring Tyler Kay's signature "glitch" florals. Finally, Cruisin W Texas Avenue adorns the side of Bay Area Auto Gallery, taking you on a nostalgic ride, showcasing classic cars and Baytown landmarks like the Brunson Theater and Fred Hartman Bridge. Each mural is a step into Baytown's vibrant art scene, turning streets into open-air galleries.

Art Alley Mural

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