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The Bird

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

This amazing blog is written and photographed by Grey Scott of @Gra8dations on Instagram and

Great Blue Heron

As a nature photographer, I’ve never really had any interest in birding. Odd, yes, I know . . . but there is just so much to nature that you really need to carve out your own niche. A number of years ago, I was out shooting nature (yes, that’s with a camera!) and I came across a beautiful bird – large, majestic, and colorful. It turns out it was a Great Blue Heron. Herein started my quest to capture images of what has affectionately become known as “The Bird”. Throughout the years and my travels, I would come across The Bird here and there (different ones, of course). I’d learned that I had to sneak up on them because they all seemed quite leery of people stopping to look at them and in particular pointing a camera at them. And I’d never seen more than one at a time . . . until I started working in Baytown.

One morning I was over at Goose Creek near the Wetlands Center when I caught a glimpse of The Bird. It was sitting on a marker out in the creek and right away, I notice it wasn’t afraid, meaning: IT DIDN’T FLY AWAY! An uncontrollable goofy grin came on my face as I realized I was about to get a shot of The Bird.

When I got into the office and showed off my pictures of The Bird, my boss asked if I’d been to the Nature Center. She said if that excited me, then I really needed to head over there. So a few weeks later, I was there, shortly after the Nature Center opened for the day. I just couldn’t believe that there would be anything more exciting than The Bird I saw. She was right . . . never in my life have I seen such an assortment of gorgeous birds, all right there for me to behold.

The first sight was this odd looking and acting bird, running around in the grass at the edge of the water, apparently foraging for food.


I almost jumped back in the car to go a bit farther into the park when I saw a number of different birds, all beautiful in their own way.

The Cormorant is often seen perched, spreading its wings – not sure if he is drying them or prepping for another dive.

The colors of some of the birds were so vibrant – the brightest whites and the deepest pinks . . . Maniacal laughter ensued as I realized I’d hit the Bird Jackpot in Baytown.

A Snowy Egret is about to catch a bite to eat as a Roseate Spoonbill walks along looking for the same.

Each morning before work, I would go to either the Nature Center or somewhere near the Wetlands Center to catch glimpses of not only The Bird, but any of the other great looking waders.

I love how the Great Egret’s wings sometimes touch the surface of the water as they take off. And they never skip a beat.

Maybe if I sit really still . . . (Great Blue Heron)

Heeeeeeeeere fishy fishy fishy . . . (Black Crowned Night Heron)

Little Blue Heron

No sir, you may NOT have any of my crab! (Yellow Crowned Night Heron)

The rare “Ibis Tree” will lose its “fruit” as the sun rises – or if you make too much noise!

Finally, I have to show you The Bird one last time:

Baytown, you are going to make a birder out of me yet. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me and I look forward to seeing even more of what you have to offer.

-Grey Scott

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