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Where Should I Kayak in Baytown?

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Now that you’re prepared with the essentials and all of your gear is tied down to the kayak, it’s time to get to the most exciting part – getting your kayak in the water. Baytown is full of awesome kayaking destinations but Mr. Chandler, a veteran Baytown kayaker, mentioned two routes in particular that would be perfect for someone just starting out. Both routes start off on roller-ramps, which are especially safe and easy for getting your kayak in the water. These routes can be modified to fit any time budget, but we kept each at around 2 miles one-way, and under 5 miles total. Depending on your pace and the conditions, these courses will take roughly 3-4 hours with some sight-seeing. Check out these two routes that are great for the experienced or beginner kayaker.

Using the roller-ramps: Set your kayak on the ramp so that your back will be facing the water, step into the kayak and sit as you will when you’re on the water, then use your hands on the rails to push off from the ramp. (Getting the kayak out of the water with the roller-ramps is similar, just paddle up to the ramp as close as you can get, then use the rails to pull yourself and your kayak from the water.) There are a lot of videos on YouTube if you’re interested in a visual demonstration of how to use a roller-ramp to kayak!

Roseland Park

The first course begins at the roller-ramp at Roseland Park (100 Roseland Dr). The park is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.; it’s the perfect place to hang out all day to fish, kayak, and have a picnic. To kayak, head to the roller-ramp located by the water near the covered picnic tables. Kayaking to the start of Ferry Road will put you at 2.3 miles one-way, which means that if you turn around at this point, your total voyage will be 4.6 miles – not too shabby! Of course, you can turn around at any point before then or keep going up the river if you’re feeling adventurous. Just remember, wherever you decide to turn around is your halfway point – save your energy accordingly.

Goose Creek Trail Head

Mr. Chandler recommended another great kayaking route that also starts and finishes from an easily-accessible roller-ramp. The 2-mile course begins at Bayland Park - Goose Creek trail (2641 TX-146BUS) and goes up to Market Street. However, after getting your kayak in the water using the roller-ramp, you will have a couple of options for where you can go. Head left in the water to follow the 2-mile course pictured below, or head right out into the bay! Just be mindful of your surroundings so you don’t lose your way. If you encounter any motorboats, try to stay clear, but point towards the wake if you do happen to get near one out there.

Baytown Nature Center

The Baytown Nature Center (6213 Bayway Dr) is another beautiful place to kayak! There isn’t a roller-ramp, so you’ll have to enter your kayak from the bank; this isn’t difficult to do, but you may want to consider wearing waterproof shoes! The best bank launch is near the butterfly garden. Visit the Baytown Nature Center Facebook page for more information and to see what events are coming up.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and see Baytown from a new angle!

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Marissa Skidmore is a student at the University of Houston ­– Clear Lake, a Public Affairs Intern for the City of Baytown and an active duty Coastie; after graduation, she will attend Officer Candidate School to earn her commission as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. She loves learning, problem-solving, and spending time on the water.

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