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The Safer Side of Traveling

In this post-pandemic world, it’s more important than ever to be safe and prepared for an upcoming trip or staycation. Let us help you take a safer trip with these tips and tricks.

1) Do some medical research ahead of time.

Check your medical insurance and research providers before you leave on your trip. You never know if you will have a medical emergency while on the road so it’s always a good idea to find providers covered by your insurance at your destination before the trip begins, especially during and post-pandemic. If you are unable to find a suitable urgent care or pharmacy, then you might need to pick a different destination.

2) Avoid crowds

Take later breakfasts and lunches or earlier dinners to avoid busy restaurants. Take a car or walk while in your destination to avoid crowded public transit. Research peak hours for destination attractions and visit when the number of visitors is smaller. Finally consider doing more outdoor activities where it is possible to distance from others.

3) Gather your supplies…and use them

A single mask is not enough for a 4-day trip. Be sure to pack extra masks, travel hand sanitizers, and wet wipes. Now that your supplies are gathered, use them. Most cities across the U.S. require masks to be worn indoors, so be sure to always have your masks handy. Before entering a location, wash up or use hand sanitizer and do the same before you leave. Wipe down items that you may set down, like backpacks or cups with disinfectant wipes before using them. Practice safety measures for yourself and those around you.

4) Find the right hotel

Your hotel is where you will begin and end each day of your trip, so research the right one for you or your family’s needs. Look for hotels with less touch points, like keyless entry, touch free check in, or touch free continental breakfast. Check hotel reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. Customer reviews will give you a good idea on the cleanliness of a location. And finally, don’t be afraid to call your hotel ahead of time and ask questions about their post-covid cleaning routines.

Need help finding a place to stay, safer travel activities, or local resources for your trip safety in Baytown, email us at​

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