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New Year New You: 3 Ways to De-stress

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

It’s a Happy New Year in Baytown! The city is brimming with possibility, the water is reflecting the wonders of creation and the cool air is breezing invitations of unexplored joys of nature. There are so many undiscovered treasures here for unwinding!

As I start to discover all the most popular fishing spots, fun attractions, tasty eateries, geocache adventures, art-venture, hospitable hotels and the best part, the hospitality of the people, I realize that there is a whole new ME ready to explore new ways and places to relax on a regular basis.

Most people think about resolutions to lose weight, start a new diet, quit smoking, etc. BUT, how about losing STRESS and it costs nothing! Baytown has an extensive list of places you can visit too long to list in this blog. Here are a few places to visit to begin your journey towards the NEW YOU.

The Downtown Arts District is definitely one of my first favorite spots to encounter when I came to old Baytown. The moment my eyes gazed upon the huge Baytown historical Oak tree in the middle of the street on West Texas Avenue and my feet stepped onto the quaint sidewalk, something wonderful happened to me! The residuals of life’s stresses transported into the past tranquil experiences growing up. You can’t help but feel a sense of peace, nostalgia and a new birth of reconnecting with yourself and what is important, as you unwind. Walking leisurely down the streets of the square, stopping into the businesses for a treat or just sitting on the benches watching the cars pass has a certain calming effect as the overworked mind releases its tensions and life slows down for a moment in time. There is a lot to do here and the experience is a throw- back in time of when life was slower and simple.

Adult responsibilities can be exhausting and incorporating trips to parks is a wonderful way to release your inner child and tranquility. My newest find is Jenkins Park. Talk about another treasure! This park is 102.47 miles long and 1,901 yards/1.08 miles of trail. Just sitting in the solitude with a great book or practicing my guitar under the rustling trees alone is enough for me! There are 18 picnic areas, 2 dog parks, plenty of opportunities for ways to unwind including all the amenities such as basketball, soccer, disc golf and so much more. You will find more details about the park on the link.

My other favorite spot is the City of Baytown Tourism Information Center which happens to be where I spend my days, Monday-Friday from 9am - 4pm, located at the Brunson Theater. We visit with people daily stopping in that want to share their stories about their amazing childhood in this city, their memories of coming to the theater and the love and heart they have for Baytown. It is refreshing to see this kind of heart! Out of Towner’s, Businesses, Partners, the City Employees and Residents come to say hi and applaud this new restored happy and fun space for the betterment of the city. Our Trio Tourism Team and volunteers have a lot of fun sharing the wonderful places to visit in Baytown, our adventurous GeoTour GT7A, Art-Venture, heartfelt stories and all the golden nuggets that this city retains. Fun and laughter is also a great de-stressor! Come visit us, we will put a smile on your face. Disclaimer: You may experience stomach pain from laughter and a bigger heart for Baytown from visiting the Baytown Tourism Information Center.

These are just a few of the many ways and places to help you release some burdens. Stress is a serious health issue that reaches everyone at some point or another. Getting out in your city that is full of possibilities to, “Let Go”, is a great way to start out the New Year and New You, free of charge and free of stress! Let’s begin now, breathe in and breathe out. It is going to be a great year!

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