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3 Places to Workout in Baytown

Author: Sabrina Martin, Baytown Engage

There are several beautiful places in Baytown to make your New Year resolutions less like work, and more like an experience. Working out can be difficult and frustrating, but the atmosphere of your workout can have a lot to do with your commitment to persevering. And the inside of a loud gym, surrounded by people you don't know, might not be the best influence on your 2021 goals. If you’re looking for a change of terrain for your workouts, I encourage you to try one of these unique locations here in Baytown.

1. Baytown Nature Center

The Baytown Nature Center is a one of a kind 450 acre peninsula offering miles of paths that are great for walking, running, or biking. The view of the waterfront isn’t this area’s biggest draw, but rather the variety of wildlife you are sure to find as you follow the paths winding through the woods and wetlands. The BNC is on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and one of the best places to find the most variety in bird species in Baytown. Brown Boobies--a rare species of bird to find in this area--were recently spotted and you certainly can’t find that walking the treadmill in a gym.

Address: 6213 Bayway Dr.

Entrance Fee is $4 for adults and $1 for Seniors and Children under the age of 12.

2.Jenkins Park

This park provides wide spaced trails and an easy-going, comfortable atmosphere. The multitudes of trails allow for an ever-changing view and are shaded for most of the time. You can whip and weave in almost any direction you want and not pass over the same paths too many times. Three bridges pass over the quaint Cary Bayou and lead you into a gateway of nature that is full of shade and a lovely breeze. Hike to the newest boardwalk overlook on the trails winding behind the dog park!

Address: 4334 Crosby Cedar Bayou Rd.

3. Evergreen Park

A once popular golf course turned city park, Evergreen is a work out experience that isn’t available everywhere. Weaving and winding past waterfalls and large (stocked) ponds, the concrete cart path is a great trail if you’re training for a concrete race or looking for a quiet location for a scenic work out. This park is home to an 18 hole disc golf course, driving area, and footgolf course. You may run into the occasional jogger or disc golfer, but more than likely you’ll be in for a quiet, strikingly beautiful work out.

Address: 1530 Evergreen Rd.

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