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Share your favorite photo of Baytown, Texas

Baytown Tourism is hosting a photo contest! Free and open to the public, this contest is an opportunity for locals and visitors to showcase their photographs taken in Baytown. We want to see through your lens what makes Baytown such a wonderful place to live in and visit. Whether it’s a photo in the Umbrella Alley, at the Baytown Nature Center, or out on the water catching some monster fish, we want to showcase all of the attractions, places and things that make Baytown so great.

Contest ends Monday, June 17th at 5 pm.


The winners will be announced on Facebook and via email by June 21st at 5 pm. Top photos will be chosen by a panel of judges. Entrants will have the chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • Their art displayed as a Mini Mural on a traffic cabinet in Baytown

  • $100 Visa Gift Card

  • $50 Gift Card to a Local Restaurant

  • Family 4 Pack of Tickets to Pirates Bay

  • 1 year Family Membership to the Baytown Nature Center

A special Tourism Gift Bag will be given to the top photo from the following locations:


  • Baytown Nature Center

  • Goose Creek Trail

  • Yepez Vineyard

  • Pirates Bay

  • On the Water (fishing, boating, kayaking, etc.)


  • Please submit high resolution photos (Must be 8MB or Smaller)

  • Photo must have been taken within Baytown.

  • In the description, please say where the photo was taken.

  • By submitting your photo, Baytown Tourism will have the right to use it in advertising and social media.

How We Use Your Photos

Tourism Brochure.JPG
Tourism Brochure 2.JPG
Traffic Cabinet Mockup.JPG

This is a mock-up only

photo use
Enter Photo Contest
Upload Photo: 8MB max
I acknowledge that by entering into this contest, I am allowing the City of Baytown Tourism Division to use my photograph in advertisements, social media, and other marketing capacities and that photo credit may be given when possible. Not all publication or advertising design is conducive to photo credit inclusion.

The Photo Contest is Now Closed

Thanks for submitting!

Submission Form
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