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10 Helpful Tips to a Staycation in Baytown
Sabrina Galloway-Tourism Visitor Outreach Specialist

Vacations budgets are getting smaller but our wanderlust is getting bigger. So what does that normally mean for our summer vacations? More than likely you've had to cut it out completely. But a tight budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some time to unwind and refocus yourself on a well-deserved vacation. Your body and soul will thank you for the break to recharge. 


So if you can’t take a week long vacay to a tropical island dream, what about taking a staycation in your own backyard?

More families are now choosing to stick around and enjoy leisure activities, and are calling it a staycation. Staycations are great because they don’t have to be long, two days maybe three, and they are more affordable than a regular vacation. They open up the opportunity for new discoveries, much needed R&R time, and don’t break the bank.


Here are 10 helpful tips for planning your staycation in Baytown.

1. Take a Friday or a Monday off so that you can enjoy the long weekend staycation. Locations and restaurants are less crowded on weekdays also. 

2. Visit your local tourism website: If there is something fun going on in Baytown, you’ll find it there or on our Facebook page at Baytown Tourism.


3. Enjoy the many beautiful green spaces Baytown has to offer including the Baytown Nature Center and Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center.

4. Visit the locally owned Yepez Vineyard. Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons include free live music, wine tastings, and the perfect adobe style atmosphere.

5. Two Words: Pirates Bay. If you have kiddos, it’s one of the must do’s here in Baytown. If you want to be thrifty but still splash into some fun, try out the many free splash pads located around Baytown.

6. Want a little adrenaline pumping through your veins? Legal Street Racing happens every Friday night out at Royal Purple Raceway along with other awesome events year around.

7. Try something new like Geocaching! Baytown recently launched their family friendly Official Baytown Tourism GeoTour this past March. If you want to learn more about geocaching click here

8. Check out the local library for some neat events like 3-D Printmaking and Crafternoons. Plus they recently opened there new Story Bar that features themed based reads, podcasts, and more.

9. Be sure to check out the Baytown Little Theater’s production schedule. They have shows year around at the Baytown Little Theater and Lee College Performing Arts Center. Beautiful sets, talented casts, and skilled directors make these shows one for the books! 

10. Possibly one of the most helpful tips…take lots of pictures, because when it’s all said and done, you’re going to want to brag about how great your staycation was on Facebook and the ‘gram with our #IHeartBaytown and #VisitBaytown hashtags. 

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