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Travel is Heart Healthy

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! This familiar phrase has been in circulation for over 100 years. A less heard phrase is how a vacation can keep the doctor away. Studies show that vacations not only provide new experiences and create new memories, but that it leads to increased feelings of happiness, satisfaction and better relationships. Regular getaways could even lower heart disease according to research! Remember, travel does not have to be extensive or expensive because even short getaways or local adventures can be beneficial. So, practice living a healthier lifestyle by getting outdoors to celebrate all the wonderful benefits of travel. You can do this right here in Baytown! To get started download our Visit Baytown app in both the Apple and Play stores. You may also want to stop by our tourism kiosk at Buc-ee’s Baytown (4080 East Fwy) to grab a Baytown map and dining guide!

Sample itinerary for a day of family fun outdoors:

8:00 am: Grab breakfast tacos at a local taqueria, check out our Taqueria Tour on the Visit Baytown app for suggestions.

8:30 am: Eddie V. Gray Wetlands to see reptiles and insects! (free admission)

10:30 am: Baytown Historical Museum to learn about our history (free admission)

12:00 pm: Baytown Nature Center, picnic lunch, 1:00 pm: Take a hike and enjoy the butterfly garden and playscapes

4:00 pm: Cool off at Pirate’s Bay Water Park and take advantage of the afternoon ticket discount

Other popular activities in Baytown include visiting Texas Ave to see the colorful umbrella alley (124 W. Texas Ave.) and take a selfie! Also while there you can see the murals popping up along the way! We recommend playing our Art-Venture lab which is a free art scavenger hunt that will take you to all of the mural locations (download the Adventure Lab app to play, free). If you really want to get your steps in, try your hand at geocaching! Explore with the Baytown GeoTour (and earn prizes too), also free. This is a family friendly scavenger hunt style game you can learn more about at Whatever your speed is, take some time out for an adventure, near or far. Whatever you choose, make happy memories that are good for both the heart and soul!

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