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Safe Travels

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Whether you are traveling to Baytown or abroad, these travel safety tips are must haves!

Research your destination

It’s important to get to know your destination before visiting. Download the visitor bureau’s mobile app for easy access to attraction locations and maps to cut down on getting lost. Look up where emergency services are located such as hospitals, police departments, and pharmacies.

Make copies of important documents

Sometimes we lose things or they get stolen and having a scanned back up of documents such as your government issued identification, insurance, medical cards, etc. will help especially when traveling. Print several hard copies and take photos to store on your phone or private cloud services.

Tell people your itinerary

Let friends and family know where you are going and keep them updated along the way. Be sure to leave them a copy of your itinerary also. Give loved ones hotel information, phone numbers, flight information, and the most popular places you plan on visiting.

Lock up your valuables

Whether you are in your hotel room or in the rental car, keep your valuables locked away or hidden. Don’t leave valuables in the rental car, not even the trunk! Most hotel rooms have a safe for valuables, or get suitcase locks to keep larger items stored away.

Post the fun AFTER the trip

Sharing too much information on social media during your travels may not be the best decision. Posting while on location lets people know that your home is empty and lets strangers know your movements around a destination abroad. Both can be dangerous. Take lots of pictures, keep a journal of the experiences you have and the locations where you want to leave reviews, and post to social after you return home.

Traveling to Baytown?

Download the ‘Visit Baytown’ mobile app! In the mobile app you can build itineraries, get turn by turn directions to your favorite locations, and find resources such as emergency services.

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