Apollo Moon Landing
50th anniversary celebration event
BLASTING OFF:  July 20th

Nearly 50 years ago, when the world set eyes upon the stars, determined to accomplish what many thought was impossible, it was Houston who stood at the forefront as mankind took its first steps onto the moon. In 2019, we observe the 50th anniversary of this monumental achievement and the role that the Houston area played in the success of that mission.

BLASTING OFF:  July 20th @ 6:30pm
213 W. Texas Avenue, Baytown

Don't miss this family friendly and fun filled night of space themed activities such as a "Moon Movie" and special video message from the International Space Station. This event will be in partnership with Visit Houston and other cities in the Houston area.

Mission Details

6:30 pm - Moon Walk and Food Trucks will open


7:00 pm  -  Planet 51, featuring Dwayne Johnson and Jessica Biel will begin.

7:55 pm - Short movie intermission for special message and costume contest

8:00 pm - Special 50th Moon Landing Anniversary Message from the International Space Station


8:15 pm -  Kid's Costume Contest. Kids may dress up in any space related costume for the event (examples: astronaut, Star Wars, aliens, etc.)

8:30 pm - Planet 51 will resume

Planet 51 movie.jpg
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