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The final date night adventure is not wildly known. If you’re ever out on Tabb’s Bay fishing or boating you may see a large, breathtaking, white pillared house overlooking the bay. This is Baytown’s one and only Bed and Breakfast called Oakland on Burnet Bay. Former home of our first president of the Republic of Texas, this home has more to offer than most bed and breakfasts. Your partner is bound to be in awe of the beautiful overlook and the perfectly preserved antiquity of the home.  

Love is in the Air!
Sabrina Galloway-Tourism Visitor Outreach Specialist

I don’t know if you’ve been to Hobby Lobby lately or not, but it’s coming as of December 26th. It’s that time of year where “love is in the air” and cheesy posts fill your newsfeeds.


Valentine’s Day is coming.


And the more I see the gigantic teddy bears and heart shaped everything, the more I realize I don’t have a clue what to get my fiancé for the 14th of February.


I don’t want to go all out, because we’re saving for a wedding, and you’d be surprised how much tulle costs.  So less costly the better.  And I don’t want to cook. I mean I live with my mom, how romantic is that? Candlelight dinner for 3 please, and yes, we’ll take the kitchen table.


I want something original. Something we can look back on and say “Remember that one Valentine’s Day when we?” rather than equate Valentine’s Day with the same ole fancy-ish dinner and uncomfortable heels.

As my fiancé and I ventured down Texas Avenue, we came to a halt in front of the Portrait of a Warrior Memorial Art Gallery.

We strolled past the rows of painted fallen soldiers memorialized in art, awed and humbled by the sacrifices they and their families have made. After walking through the art gallery we were able to take a closer look at the canvas’s that were to be auctioned off. Famous Walking Man Bill Callahan was the auctioneer, and I was able to witness my first live auction. I snagged a print of my favorite shrimp boat painting! It was so exciting!

Then I thought about taking it outside. There is a new camping resort in Baytown right at the mouth of Cedar Bayou and Tabb’s Bay called Little Island Camping Resort. There is enough space for up to 30 tents right now! The rates aren’t bad either, it's only $35 a night for tent camping.

Cabins are in the process of being built, so that's something to look forward too as well!! When considering this option, remember that it is February—which means no mosquitos, a light breeze will be blowing, and I bet that sunrise over the water is going to be beautiful with the Fred Hartman Bridge in the background!

This would be perfect for newlyweds or someone looking to enjoy a quiet Valentine’s Day with their love.

Personally, my fiancé and I (pictured) will be enjoying a fun night at Painting with a Twist coupled with some delicious Come en Mexico ice cream! But I would love to see what you decide. Share your memories to social media and remember to #IHeartBaytown!

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