Get Outdoors - Baytown Geocaching Events

Saturday, June 10

6:00am-6:30am - Event 1: "BB's World Wide Zombie Flash Mob" - GC76AZM will begin at 6:00am near Bayland Marina.  Join this geocacher zombie flash mob at dawn when the zombies are most active!  There will be a contest where the ugliest cacher will win a fully stocked ammo can.  Also be sure to pick up a little trash while at the park.

8:00am - Event 2:  "Outdoor Thoughts" - GC75BMN will begin at 8:00am in Blue Heron Park. Blue Heron Park currently has 9 caches published including 1 on the Baytown GeoTour and 28 munzees deployed, but a little birdie say that more pop up before then!  Donuts provided.

11:00am - Event 3: "Picnic in the Park" - GC75FVJ will be at 11:00am in Jenkins Park where the majority of the festival will take place. Jenkins Park is one of Baytown's largest parks and hold lots of outdoor activities, and is currently home to 16 caches including 2 on the Baytown GeoTour and close to 200 munzees. More munzees will be deployed before the event and maybe a few more caches. Food is NOT provided at this event. Please bring your own picnic lunch.

12:00pm-3:00pm - Event 4 will be the Munzee event ( This event will include, a custom badge, a co-exist badge, a special event pin, and an eventzee. The virtual garden that is in Jenkins Park is almost complete and organizers hope that it will fill up before the event begins. Currently there are only 53 spots remaining.

2:00pm - Event 5  Geocaching CITO Get Outdoors 2017 - GC755R8. During the last hour of the munzee event, there will also be a geocaching CITO. This event is also in Jenkins Park from 2:00pm-3:00pm. Trash bags will be provided to help clean up any mess that we may have made during the festival.  Please provide your own grabby tools and gloves if you wish to use them.

Event 6 Texas heat and frozen treats - GC75FV8.  It is starting to get hot here in Texas so the last event "Texas Heat and Frozen Treats" will be held in town at Orange Leaf.

While at the festival in Jenkins Park, be sure to grab HoustonControl's night cache (GC16Z2C). This cache was hidden on 10/25/2007 and has earned 46 favorite points. 

Throughout the day, there will be 6 unpublished ammo cans hidden within these parks. In order for you to get the coordinates for these ammo cans you must attend the events. Who ever is the first to find these ammo cans can keep them. Organizers ask that geocachers re-hide the cans as a published geocache for others to find.

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