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Bruce Lindsey "Morning Communion"
Steve Fischer-S Curve
Tom Morin
Tim Herschbach-Concepcion Empty Room
Nice Hood Ornament
Tom Gillespie-OysterBeds

FotoFest 2018 Biennial 

March 10 - April 22




The Art League of Baytown will host its 2nd exhibition in conjunction with FotoFest 2018 Biennial. There will be three other FotoFest Participating Spaces in Baytown: Sterling Municipal Library, Lee College Gallery and Lee College Library. Their exhibitions also will follow the global theme of “meditation.”


FotoFest is an international non-profit photographic arts and education organization based in Houston, Texas.  Its first international Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art in the United States was created in 1986. Their programs work locally and globally to promote the cross-cultural exchange of art and ideas. 


The exhibition dates are March 10-April 22, 2018.  The exhibition opening reception exhibition will be on March 24th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM with award announcements at 5:00 PM.


Participating artists are:       

Jaime Belden, Aileen Harding, Karen Knight, Rhonda Holleman, Ashton Thornhill, Tim Herschbach, Debra Rueb, Dion McInnis, Tom Morin, Steve Fisher, Tom Gillespie, Steve Knight, David J. Kerr, Gary Morrison, Bruce Lindsey, Life Robinson, Valerie Mayer, Tom Foster, Mike Hull, Kathleen Hall, Sandra Longoria, June Russell, Carla Shapirio, Chad Smith, Steve Goff & Beckwith Thompson 




March 10 - A Talk with the Gallerists; Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully:  Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully, gallery directors of A Smith Gallery, will conduct a Q&A session answering questions about the call for entry process such as the presentation of entries (selection of images, sequencing, etc.), the presentation of images (printing, framing, matting, etc.) as well as questions about the creative process.  A Smith Gallery is photography centric gallery located in Johnson City, Texas.  Amanda is the gallery owner and curator as well as a well known contemporary photographer.  Kevin is a photographer, instructor, curator, designer and fine artist.  A Smith Gallery presents up to fourteen juried international exhibitions each year with exhibits covering digital, traditional, and alternative processes.  A partial list of photographers and curators, along with Amanda and Kevin, who have jurored exhibitions at the gallery are Michael Kenna, Elizabeth Avedon, Paula Tognarelli, Aline Smithson, Christina Z Anderson, Dan Burkholder, Foy Flukinger, Sunan Burnstine, Tom Chambers, Eddie Soloway, Arthur Meyerson, Kate Breakey, and S Gayle Stevens.

12 noon to 2pm  $25



March 11 - High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography Workshop: Instructor Dave Wilson: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography offers a collection of great tools for both artistic and realistic rendering of scenes which your camera would be unable to capture on its own in a single shot.  Whether you intend to use it to create realistic images of building interiors or surreal art images, this one day class offers the photographer a jump start under the instruction of an experienced HDR photographer.  Instructor Dave Wilson has been working with HDR techniques for 10 years and has a 30 year track record in photography.  His HDR images have drawn praise from photographers and art lovers alike and have been accepted into juried exhibitions and collections across the USA and Europe.  Join us at 9AM for a full day of HDR photography instruction, shooting, processing and discussion.  Dave will cover basic HDR theory and technique before heading out in the field to practice those techniques.  After lunch, the group will return to the classroom and process their raw photos into final tone-mapped images using HDRSoft Photomatrix Pro and MacPhun Aurora HDR software.  NOTE: This is an advanced photography workshop.  All photographers must have a complete working knowledge of their camera's functionality as well as how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed impact exposure.  Workshop duration: 9AM to 5PM  $150



March 17 - Basic to Intermediate Photoshop; "Know Your Tools-Solve any Problem in Photoshop: Instructor Nick Quinn:  This workshop will cover the use and options for the tools in Photoshop most used by photographers.  This will not cover every tool in Photoshop as many are almost never used by photographers.  This class is meant to take you from a step by step learner, meaning you have to be told first do this step, then this step, then etc., etc. until you are done with your project.  This means memorizing so many steps you can’t possibly remember them all unless you do that same thing every day.

     Instead if you learn how to use the photographer’s most used tools and how they work, including all the special options you can set to make that tool work more efficiently for you, then by knowing what a tool does it makes it easier for you to determine the proper tools to pick for any given job.  That knowledge of how the tool works also allows you to figure out the steps you need to take to get the project completed.

     This class will be as in depth as we can get for a one day class.  This is not meant to be a full comprehensive class on tools.  My in depth classes are 8 weeks long, two nights a week, three hours each night.  I will be using Photoshop CC 2018 to demonstrate but many of these tools have been the same since PS CS6.  Bring your laptop and follow along.  I am working on follow up videos which we hope to have ready for you to take home with you.  If they are not complete by March 17th they will be mailed to you upon completion.  Workshop duration: 10AM to 4PM  $110



March 23 - Smartphone Camera Workshop: Instructors Steve Goff and Beckwith Thompson:  The Smartphone Camera Workshop is designed to introduce techniques, tools and apps to get the maximum quality and creative potential for today's cell phone cameras.  Participants chould be familiar with the basic operations of their native OS or Android camera operation.  The workshop will introduce various alternative camera capture apps such as Camera+, ProCamera and Hipstamatic.  Premiere editing apps such as Snapseed will be covered.  Workshop participants will have an opportunity to shoot and create edited photographs during the day.  Registered participants will receive a modest list of apps to download prior to the start of the workshop.  Workshop duration: 10AM to 2PM  $135



March 28 - From Flowers to Fine Art: Instructor Teri Whittaker:  Although Teri's professional life has her photographing weddings and portraits, it was during a 14-month long commitment to photograph something every day for her own enjoyment that she developed a love of photographing flowers.  During the workshop Teri will explain different lighting strategies and lighting sources as well as myriad background options for achieving optimal results.  Learn how to use the color wheel to make color choices for the subject matter, background and borders.  She will share her post production process and exhibit how to make a solid digital mat as well as a textured digital mat.  Teri was a 2017 Silver medalist and a 2016 Bronze medalist in the PPA's International Photographic Competition and the 2016 Professional Photographer of the Year for the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston.  She has served on the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston since 20120 and will serve as PPGH's 2018 Executive Director.  This workshop is limited to the first 6 registrants.  Workshop duration: 10AM to 2PM  $120



March 31 - Inexpensive Macro:  Instructor Laszlo Perlaky:  The macro world reveals textures, structures, colors and patterns that delight the eye and can be used to create stunning photos.  Most people think macro photography requires specialized and expensive lenses, but there are inexpensive accessories for expressing one's creative and artistic vision.  Laszlo has produced several portfolios using inexpensive macro gear.  He has both exhibited and published this work and will discuss the techniques and the art of seeing that lead to their development.  The workshop will include equipment demonstration and in classroom practice.  Workshop duration: 9AM to 12PM  $220



April 7 - The Marriage of Color and Composition:  Instructor Karen Butts, M. Photog., Cr., CPP:  In this class, you will learn how color and composition go hand in hand to create a stronger image.  Colors have meaning and evoke emotion.  When they are harmonious, they create a pleasant feeling; when they clash, they can grate on your nerves and send chills up your spine.  Composition is greatly impacted by the colors in the image.  You will learn about the different types of color schemes, such as triadic, analogous and complementary.  Value, hue, texture, color intensity and contrast will be discussed as well as unity, balance, movement, rhythm, focus, proportion and dynamic lines.  This class will be presented in two parts, first an in-depth power point presentation and then a hands-on activity using fabric to help you visualize how color and texture impact the composition of the image.  You will also receive a handout that will summarize what you learned in the class.   Workshop duration: 10AM to 2PM. $120



April 14 - Black and White Conversion: Instructor Laszlo Perlaky:  There is an elegance and timelessness to a black and white photograph.  The monochromatic image is as popular today as it was during the days of the traditional wet darkroom.  In fact, in digital photography it is often included in our composition tools and used to simplify the chaos of our surroundings.  This class for digital black and white photography will explore all aspects of the image from capture to print.  Some topics covered include color capture conversion to monochromatic, scanned slide and negatives, all aspects of processes for image conversion in post-production, Photoshop and useful plugins and fine tuning black and white prints.  By the end of the class participants will be able to create even more artful images and mover their black and white photography to a higher level.  Workshop duration: 9AM to 12PM  $220



For registration, contact the ALB at  Workshops require a $50 registration fee with the balance due the day of the workshop.  The fee will be refunded if the workshop is cancelled.  We will give you a minimum of 5 days notice of cancellation.

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