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Baytown Art Walk

Take a self-guided stroll through the Downtown Arts District and enjoy the mild weather and beautiful art located on this 1-mile stretch of Texas Avenue, Defee, and Decker Dr.

This event will return in spring 2022. Please check back for updates.

Thank you, Art Walk Sponsors!
612 Lofts: Saturday, November 14 (only), 10am - 1pm, enter through the leasing office on the Defee side
Baytown Historical Museum: Saturday, November 14 (only), 10am - 1pm
Art Center of Baytown: Friday & Saturday, November 14 (only), 11am - 5pm
Wazabi Sushi Bar: Saturday, November 14, 5pm - 10pm
Sabor of Mexico: Friday & Saturday, November 13 - 14, 10am - 9pm, Sunday, November 15, 12pm - 8pm
Baytown Nutrition: Friday, November 13, 6:30am - 6pm, Saturday, November 14, 8am - 3pm
J& H Coffee House / Sno-Cone Express: Friday & Saturday, November 13 - 14, 11am - 6pm
All outdoor murals and the Umbrella Alley are open for viewing 7 days a week during daylight hours.
Art Walk Map and Location Descriptions

In the heart of the Downtown Arts District, the Art League of Baytown hosts rotating art exhibits, art classes, and events. The Art Center also has a variety of handmade gifts available for purchase at comparably reasonable prices such as paintings, pottery, jewelry, stained glass, photos, cards and other unique art.


Operating Hours: 

Fridays: 11-5 pm
Saturdays: 11-5 pm
(3rd Saturday: 8-5 pm on Farmers Market days)


Click here for directions.

Art League of Baytown.JPG

Umbrella Alley - temporarily closed

The extremely popular Umbrella Alley is a collaborative installation, boasting over 120 umbrellas that form a colorful canopy shading a mural spanning 3 large walls that was painted by the Lee College Art Department and its students. This mural also contains a geocaching trackable code hidden in the artwork.

Click here for directions.

Umbrella Alley Landscape.jpg

Cruisin W Texas Avenue Mural

The “Cruisin W Texas Avenue” mural is painted on the side of Bay Area Auto Gallery which is near Baytown’s historic oak tree that still stands in the middle of Texas Avenue today.  This mural was painted by Armando Castelan and is a blast to the past that features classic cars and noteworthy Baytown icons like the Brunson Theater and Fred Hartman Bridge. 

Click here for directions.

Baytown Cruisin W Texas Avenue.jpg

Boundless Knowledge Sculpture

The Boundless Knowledge sculpture, created by artist Deedee Morrison, stands as a landmark in tribute to the Sterling Municipal Library’s 50-year anniversary. 

Click here for directions.

Front of Sterling Municipal Library Phot

The Art Gallery building, home to the Art League of Baytown, features the largest mural we currently have in Baytown. This mural wraps from the front of the building and down the west wall. The artist used a trompe l’oeil painting style, which is French for “deceive the eye”. This mural takes a flat wall and makes it seem as if you are looking right into an art gallery! Other portions of the mural feature Art Deco style flares that reflect the original architecture of the building.

Click here for directions.

Baytown Art League Mural.jpg

Texas, Barse Miller Mural

The historic Baytown Historical Museum building (formerly Federal Building / post office) houses an example of New Deal artwork: “Texas,” a fresco mural by Barse Miller. The mural was commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts. It was restored in 2011.

Art Walk Hours: Saturday, November 14 (only), 10am - 1pm

Click here for directions.


Sketch Mural of Baytown

Located on Texas Avenue in the 612 Lofts this sketch mural depicting Baytown landmarks and history was created by Houston area artist Armando Castelan.

This mural is a private business mural and may only be viewed by the residents of the 612 Lofts or during special events such as the Baytown Art Walk on Saturday, November 14 from 11am-1pm. To access the mural, enter through the leasing office on the Defee side.

Click here for directions.

Welcome to Baytown Bird Panel web.JPG

Solitary Journey Mural

Baytown's first mural is located on the back corner of the Sterling Municipal Library and depicts a large bookcase and Baytown themed snow globe.  Solitary Journey was painted by Houston area artist Armando Castelan and contains a geocaching trackable code hidden in the artwork.

Art Walk Hours: Saturday, November 14 (only), 10am - 1pm

Click here for directions.

Baytown Solitary Journey.jpg

Art League Painted Windows

Art League members came together to recreate some famous paintings to place as window placards. Water Lilies by Monet, Mona Lisa by Leonardo D Vinci, self portrait of Frida Kahlo are just a few of the magnificent pieces that make up this window art. 

Click here for directions.

Window Art Partial Picture.jpg

Downtown Arts District Mural

This colorful Downtown Arts District mural showcases the recently renamed Texas Avenue area. The mural was painted by Houston area artist Armando Castelan.

Click here for directions.

Downtown Arts District Mural

Awaiting Adoption Mini Mural

Located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Sterling & Decker is the library themed pencil drawing design completed by Karen Knight. 

If you are currently at this mural for the Art-Venture Lab, your code word/phrase is "Love Where You Live".

Click here for directions.

Art Walk Info
What's an Art Walk without foodie deals?

Baytown Nutrition



$2 off of our Tea & Shake combo.

$1 off any size drink.

Sabor of Mexico



Umbrella Sundae for $3.50

Wazabi Sushi Bar Baytown




A.C.E. Roll (Arts, Culture, and Entertainment):  It will be an Imitation Krab California Roll with Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Avocado and Crunchies on the outside served with an umbrella.  $5 

J & H Coffee House & Sno-Cone Express



Umbrella Rainbow Sno-Cone - $1 off any size

Go On An Art Scavenger Hunt

with the Baytown Art-Venture!

Welcome to Baytown’s Art-Venture Adventure Lab! This is just the beginning of our newly created Public Art scene that is filled with murals, sculptures, and more. In this Geocaching Adventure, you’ll visit 9 public art locations and learn about our “love where you live” mantra that we like to show our visitors here in Baytown. Most of our art has an unique history that you’ll get a chance to learn about as you explore each location.


To play you will need to go to download the "Adventure Lab" mobile app in the Google Play or Apple store, find "Baytown's Art-Venture Lab", visit each of the listed locations, read the location history, and complete the puzzle for each location to discover the code. All of our locations provide great photography opportunities, and are ideally better visited during the day.


Have fun and please share your Baytown Art-Venture photos to social media with the hashtag #BaytownArtVenture

Earn this amazing water bottle when

you complete the Art-Venture!

1 bottle per household.

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